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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Hotel Tupelo coming soon to downtown

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Hotel Tupelo coming soon to downtown
Hotel Tupelo coming soon to downtown

You can soon make a reservation at a new classy lodging option in downtown Tupelo.

Soon make reservations at a new upscale hotel in tupelo.

Wtva's bronson woodruff is joining us now live outside what will soon be the "hotel tupelo" this building isn't quite finished just yet, but as you can see, teams are quickly making progress.

You'll be able to make reservations before too much longer.

Take pkg: nat pop: machinery hotel tupelo is going up!

"right now, we are right on track."

Construction began about a year and a half ago, and soon, the dream will be a reality.

Walker thrash is a partner of the thrash group.

He explained that the group is a mississippi-based development and construction company that's behind this project.

He said his team jumped at the opportunity of having a project in the company's home state.

"we were really surprised at the amount of travel and tourism that happens with that being somewhat of a hub city."

Construction sound "we saw that there was a need for a boutique hotel, that the leisure travel would support it."

Construction sounds as far as progress, project manager marco oliver said the team has some usual delays.

"the weather is the only thing that's delayed us, but we still in schedule."

Construction sound standup: "so one man here told me this thing is called a boom lift."

Construction sound walker said looking forward, his team is excited to get this project finished.

"it's an 80-room boutique hotel, like i said, with a full-service restaurant in downtown, and we really are excited about the energy i think we can bring to main street."

Builders hope the finished boutique hotel will be available to visit by the end of december.

Live in tupelo, bronson woodruff, wtva 9 news.

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