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Saturday, 12 June 2021

C.D.C. Head to work for Big Ass Fans 4/13/2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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C.D.C. Head to work for Big Ass Fans 4/13/2021
C.D.C. Head to work for Big Ass Fans 4/13/2021

Former C.D.C.Director Robert Redfield will start to work for Big Ass Fans as Strategic Health and Safety Advisor.

Centers for disease control and prevention has a new job here in central kentucky...but it's not at a hospital or a health department.

Doctor robert redfield has joined the staff at "big ass fans."

Yes... the lexington-based company that makes large industrial fans for businesses and homes...and as we've seen during the that clean and filter the air.

The company announced -- redfield would be their strategic health and safety advisor..

They say his job will be to provide solutions for poor indoor air quality and airborne pathogen transmission.

"alex risen: we need to ensure that spaces are healthier and safer and cleaner from an air standpoint and air quality.

I think continuing to bring attention to that long after the pandemic is where we see dr. redfield's role stepping into to play."

Redfield served as c-d-c director under former president donald trump.

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