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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Tri-State Boy Aims To Help Animals Through 'Patberg Project'

Credit: WEVV
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Tri-State Boy Aims To Help Animals Through 'Patberg Project'
Tri-State Boy Aims To Help Animals Through 'Patberg Project'
Tri-State Boy Aims To Help Animals Through 'Patberg Project'

Man's best friend -- has a new best friend -- here in the tri-state.

He is a five year old artist -- inspiring others.

44news reporter megan diventi shares his story.... 5-year-old oskar patberg loves animals--- when you ask him about his favorite--- "a coyote!"

His love for furry friends---is always on his mind-- "i thought i'm telling my mom that i thought we could get two dogs at both of the places."

That's why earlier this year--a commercial caught his eye--- "he saw that aspca commercial and it really upset him to see all the animals struggling."

"they looked like they didn't like the home."

Oskar--asking his mom how he could help the animals he saw on tv... together--they came up with the patberg project-- "his goal at first was only 200 dollars and then within the first day he doubled it, tripled it.

And by then end of february, the month we ran it, he had 2- thousand dollars."

The young entrepreneur-- paints--designs--- and sells his artwork--- a process---for sure--- "you find something on the computer then you put it on the computer, then you draw stuff, and you grab an art knife and cut the shape out.

Then you put nails in it, then you do the thread."

Oskar spends a few hours nearly every day creating his pieces--already making 2 to 300... "we've had people from chicago, michigan, all different places, maryland, different places."

This week---he'll be teaming up with a local third grade class--who will be helping him paint--- oskar says this time around---his goal is to raise 1 thousand dollars--- towards helping tri-state animal shelters-- rescues--and sanctuaries.

"i can't express how proud i am of him.

It's just wild.

He can drive me nuts, but he's got a good heart in him."

A little compassion from the heart of a 5- year-old boy-- who has a soft spot for our furry friends... in posey county--- md---44news.

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