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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Vacation Travel Trends 4/13/2021

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Vacation Travel Trends 4/13/2021
Vacation Travel Trends 4/13/2021

Travel Expert and host of Eat, Travel, Rock TV, Kelly Rizzo, tells us the ins and outs of vacation travel trends and quality travel experiences with and eat, travel, rock instagram.

Most the time the with highs in the low c1 3 speaker 1: spring is finally here and with vaccines and the pandemic starting to get under control, many people are making vacation plans.

Joining us with some inspiration for travel fun is kelly bruzzo host of the award-winning on- demand entertainment series, eat travel rock tv.

Welcome to the show, kelly.

Kelly bruzzo: thanks for having me.

Speaker 1: now let's first start off with, how did you come up with eat travel rock?

I thought this was interesting.

Kelly bruzzo: well, i just wanted to bring my three passions together, food travel and music.

So years ago i started a blog, as many people do nowadays but it kind of evolved.

The next thing i know i'm interviewing some of the biggest country music and rock stars in the world.

And then it evolved even more where i'm traveling all over the world, filming for eat travel rock tv, in places like japan and switzerland.

And of course all over the us and so it's never a dull moment.

Speaker 1: i bet.

What a great idea.

I love this.

And when a person starts to plan a trip, where are they supposed to start?

Kelly bruzzo: well, first we're going to start with the booking.

Now, i have a great tip for how to help you actually pay for travel.

So affirm lets you pay over time for travel that you book on sites like expedia and priceline, vrbo, delta vacations, and what's so cool is that there's.

There even set up a payment schedule thatr 1: i have never heard of t.

Speaker 1: i know, it's rrip to, and we did sf that.

And not realize thaattip, would you sayy bruzzo: soge right now because of the pandthough that if you're hitting tand the sh cam and rear view ca system a ton of safety features like gps, eit'sty because you want to make sure that ciouut te on the road.

And sometimes you're driving on the highway and there's a gorgeous sunset or maybe a beautiful landscape and you want to be able to capture that or somebody in the backseat says something hilarious and you're like, oh man, i wish i wrote a record of that.

Well now you can.

Speaker 1: that's awesome.

Do you have any vacation recommendations?

Kelly bruzzo: yeah.

So, okay, let's take that road trip idea, but take it to the next level and introduce an rv.

So is amazing because they're the most trusted online rv rental marketplace on the planet.

But no matter what type of trip you're planning or what type of traveler you are, they're going to have an rv to fit your budget and fit your lifestyle.

And me personally, i want one of those airstream trailers.

Those look so cool and they're very instagram worthy, of course.

Speaker 1: absolutely.

That looks like so much fun.


And where can we go for more information?

Kelly bruzzo: check out tips on and also check out my instagram at eat travel rock.

Speaker 1: kelly, thank you so much for being with us.

We really appreciate it.

Kelly bruzzo: thank you.