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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Mississippi Heroes Executive Director visits WXXV

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Mississippi Heroes Executive Director visits WXXV
Mississippi Heroes Executive Director visits WXXV
Mississippi Heroes is a fairly new nonprofit located here in Gulfport.

- welcome back.

- mississippi heroes is a fairly- new non profit located here in- gulfport.

- in studio now is organization - executive director- katherine sutton to tell us - more.

- - we have kevin bacon with a funn thing figuring your arms a little bit about mrs.wxxv euros, which was always in mission to celebrate everyday caregivers like heroes and we like to give them a day off of fun and relaxation.

They can rejuvenate industry trash and better.

Take care the people in their life.

So what you guys come here actually it was formed and raised in gulf war because of where we live.

No, it just happened to be a gulf coast nonprofit that we took the name mississippi heroes, honest because was taken but you know i'm a believer in the manifestation of things and mississippi heroes affinity statewide so what are some things that are 39 four in for caregivers of their so we have locally we have taken caregivers and we take anonymous day.

He has sent him on a ship island cruise.

We have a couple in the pipeline that are in a be going on a fishing charter so just blot of community just the community events we like to tie in with the our community partners and really showcase what the gulf coast has offer: agassi elephant in the room or the bacon-this is all about, so we have our big razor which is our yearly fundraiser.

The gulf coast[fundraiser.

The gulf coast] say this is kevin bacon in everybody lesson we had last year and everybody was taking pictures so he is our mascot for the of that and then we have ou bacon ... here so that is our official mascot and he actually had them paid they can bid adventures that the aching all over the us or the world and take pictures and post them and share with on ventures.

And when is the beer bacon for may first.

It's from six to it's from 7 to 10 p.m.

We have a vip hour from six it's from 7 to 10 p.m.

We have a vip hour from 6 to 7 but in a showcase a lot of the coastal restaurant number is from the case as well as national brewery will definitely looking work and i think you katherine and kevin for