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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

April is the month of the Military Child

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April is the month of the Military Child
April is the month of the Military Child

Not only is April Child Abuse Prevention Month, it is also the Month of the Military Child.

This month highlight’s the important role military children play in the Armed Forces community.

Not only is april child abuse - prevention month, it is also- the month of the military child- this month highlights the - important role military childre- play in the armed forces- community.- over at the naval construction- battalion center- in gulfport, also known as the- seabee base, there's a variety- of support programs that help - year round.

- there's the family advocacy - program, which is an- intervention and prevention - program for child abuse and - neglect.- there's also a support program- for new parents, in - which home visitors, covid- permitting, can help prepare an- educate families who are- expecting.- - "it can be difficult.

Parenting- is a tough- job, in addition to being a ful- time working parent or a full - time at home- parent.

So, these programs are- really meant to prevent, as wel- as to intervene if- something does happen.

It works- as an intervention process."- - - - for those in need of assistance- contact the - fleet and family support center- at the number located on your - screen.

- it includes all types of- counseling and parenting- classes available for service - members and families.