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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Multiple projects planned for the City of Diamondhead

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Multiple projects planned for the City of Diamondhead
Multiple projects planned for the City of Diamondhead

Over in Hancock County, the City of Diamondhead is working towards new recreational and business opportunities for their residents.

Program.- - over in hancock county, the cit- of diamondhead is working - towards new recreational and- business opportunities- for their residents.- news 25's grant chighizola has- more on what projects city- residents will soon see around- town.

- - 2021 has been a busy time for - the - city leaders of diamondhead as- they continue to focus on - improving the quality of life - for residents.- standup - "one of the biggest projects on the agenda is the construction- of a new- dog park on this land, which- will have room for dogs, both - - - - big and small."

Under the direction of a steering - committee, the- dog park will be located on two- acres of land off diamondhead - drive north and feature turfed- areas and a splash pad for- pups to cool off- sot-nancy depreo: mayor - "we're also going to add a little fishing pier area to - access to the pond, a memory- walk- for your pets that you have - lost, you can buy a brick and - have their name put on it."

Mayor nancy depreo says job - creation is on the agenda for - - - the city as well.

- a new medical center is also in- the works, which would bring up- to 65 jobs to the area, bringin- pharmaceutical and medical- treatment options to citizens.- sot-nancy depreo- - - "this has not been offered in the city of diamondhead, and is- well needed in- hancock county collectively.- this will help many residents."

And community members say the - buzz of activity and new events- scheduled for this spring have- created excitement- around the city.- sot-wendy holness.- "these types of activities just basically i think help to - represent who our - community is."

Sot- nancy depreo - "we are moving.

We're moving at a fast pace.

We are ready, we'r- open for- businesses.

Things are changing- for diamondhead."

Mayor depreo anticipates- construction of the dog park- will begin by the end of the- year.

- in diamondhead, grant - chighizola,