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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Huntsville school district facing lawsuit after suicide

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Huntsville school district facing lawsuit after suicide
Huntsville school district facing lawsuit after suicide
Huntsville school district facing lawsuit after suicide

New information today -- lawyers for the family of nigel shelby -- an openly gay huntsville city schools student who died back in april of 20-19 by suicide -- announced they're suing huntsville city schools, the huntsville board of education and the city of huntsville for title 9 and title 6 violations.

Waay-31's bridget divers heard from the attorneys and family members today about the lawsuit.

Bridget... the families' attorneys say that nigel shelby was bullied at school and online all because of his sexual orientation and race.

Jasmine rand/ family's attorney "there was a long pattern of bullying and discrimination against nigel shelby by other students you know for months, and months at this school and it dragged on for an extended period of time."

Attorneys said when nigel sought out help from administrators they also bullied and discriminated against him.

Ben crump/ family's attorney "he even met with his principal who said something that i was shocked, judge sharrod, would be said in this day and time.

She told him when he talked about being bullied by the other students for being gay, she said being gay is a choice."

Huntsville city schools could not talk about the specific allegations..

But said they take bullying very seriously.

Craig williams/ huntsville city schools pio "in this particular instance for a student to take their own life it truly is heartbreaking."

Attorneys said the school was very aware of what shelby was experiencing, but his parents were never notified.

Camika shelby/ nigel's mother "i reached out to see what was going on at his school and i was always told everything was fine and he wasn't fine."

The lawsuit is now just being filed alost two years after his death to try and change the policy to stop school administrators and students from bullying someone because they're black and gay.

Rand "the lawsuit is really to bring justice on behalf of nigel shelby.

It is to bring justice for the lose to these parents of their son."

A son they described as an intelligent, outgoing teenager.

Patrick cruz/ nigel's father "i miss him so much."

Ben crump/ family's attorney "nigel shelby life mattered and that nigel never should have died by suicide."

The lawyers for the family say they want lawmakers to step up to the plate and make stronger laws and policies so what happened to nigel doesn't happen again.

Live in huntsville, bridget divers, waay-31 news.


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