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Friday, 25 June 2021

What's happening locally now that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on pause

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What's happening locally now that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on pause
What's happening locally now that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on pause

The Oneida County Health Department held a vaccination pod at the Parkway Community Center, and was planning on administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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Thoneida countyealth partment held aaccinationd earld sneida countyhealth departmenisg forward with the vaccinatiopods& johnson vaccination being put on pause.

The oneida county director of public health says the county is not administering the johnson & johnson vaccine for now, but other vaccinations will be made available.


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None sot: daniel gilmore, oneida county director of public health i'm not aware of what they're going to do with the current johnson & johnson that's been distributed, but the johnson & johnson that the oneida county health department has is in a refrigerator and will not be used until we're advised by the new york state department of health.

Sot: kirk tupaj people expecting to get the johnson & johnson vaccination were offered the moderna vaccine instead.

Now the county does have a limited number of the pfizer vaccine set aside for individuals to receiver their 2nd dose.

The majority of people scheduled to get a johnson & johnson vaccine just went ahead and took the substitute without much hesitation.

Sot: amerjasa rbegovic, utica resident iwish y comfortable with the johnson & johnson to be completely honest with you.

Sot: david knowf they put on hold, o knows if it going to be2 mont, orf they're gng to cancelit, sot what'svailable and geit donend over with.

Y got to have a card w to go placeand flt and get it over th and i'mgood.w hartford resident i'm a scared-e-cat, and i have a big needle phobia, and i thought 1sm tired ofaiting.

I'm goi to be 8on my next bihday, and you know i wt to live to geenoun how long the johnson and johnson vaccine will be on pause, but currently it only makes up around 5% of the the oneida county health department held a vaccination pod earlier


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