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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Protests held after deadly police shooting

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Protests held after deadly police shooting
Protests held after deadly police shooting
WAAY 31's Ashley Carter reports


In less than 24-hours - a group of protesters from alabama will make their way to minneapolis to protest the fatal shooting of daunte wright.

Waay 31's ashley carter spoke with two women today who say they're ready for what's going to be a long couple of days of fighting for justice.

The two women i spoke with will be traveling more than 900 miles to get to minnesota and they plan to stay there and protest for at least three days....even though it's a long journey they say standing united with the protesters in minneapolis is worth it.

Both diana isom and brittany scroggins will be meeting a group of three more people in birmingham before they head off to minneapolis tomorrow they told me watching the footage of daunte wright being killed was heartbreaking, bringing tears to their eyes especially knowing it was just miles away from where george floyd had been killed just last year.

They told me they knew they had to do something to fight for justice for wright....and say protesting for change is a cause much bigger than the both of them.

"when it comes to the cause i will die for the cause because this is for my future children that i will have, they're going to be my skin color as well, america is going to look at them as black people, and i could not live with myself knowing my children could be murdered because of incompetent police officers."

"we watch the news as you know from our local town, and we have to sit back and be made to feel defenseless like we sit back and we cry because there's a lot of things going on in the world right now and nobodies fixing it.

Some of us our just tired of sitting back and crying."

I asked both isom and scroggins what they're group hopes will come out of protesting and they told me they hope for not only change but some sort of charges against the officer who says she accidentally shot wright.

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