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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Rube Goldberg Contest 2021

Credit: KIMT
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Rube Goldberg Contest 2021
Rube Goldberg Contest 2021

Chatfield High Schcool competed in the 2021 the Rube Goldberg contest and took home the first place national title.

Return to the 50s on friday.

Chatfield high shcool competed in the 2021 the rube goldberg contest ?


"* and took home first place national title.

Kimt news 3's samantha soto joins us live with the details ?

"* sam?

Katie, amy ?

"* rube goldberg ws known for creating machines to do simple tasks.

Mine is not as good as theirs ?

"* but i wat to show you why they won such a major honor.

It's a chain reaction ?

"* engineering project using physical sciences to connect things without them touching.

This year's simple task was to shake and pour a box of nerds candy ?


"* in the most complicated way possible.

I spoke to chatfield high school's team who won first place for division 2 high schools ?

"* they tell me they used nearly 70 steps using 6 simple machines ?

"* like levers and wedges.

The team spent late nights and weekends ?

"* at school working on machine.

"there would be days like thursday or fridays ?

"*when we would be off school ?

"* we'd come in, do rube, maybe go to some other practice or somthing ?

"* and then come back to rube, and we would just spend the whoele day at the school."

And with the competition being virtual ?

"* this year came with a few more challenges.

"we didn't know for sure when we would compete or when the deadline was ?

"* ad we had to seperate ourselevs and we were full distance learning so we couldn't actually come into the school and work on it."

They settled on the theme sci?

"*ants fair.

T took a lot of rebuilding and redesigning ?

"* the due date for the machine was in march ?

"* and it was announced that the chatfield high school rube goldberg team won the competition just yesterday?

"* competing with other schools from wisconsin and minnesota.

In rochester ?

*- samantha soto ?

"* kimt news 3.

Thank you samantha, chatfield is one of the only high schools in the area to