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Saturday, 19 June 2021

prom guidelines

Credit: WKTV
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prom guidelines
prom guidelines
prom guidelines

Required, along with socially distanced dancing and minimal standing.

That's what this year's prom and ball will look like, under the recently - released state guidelines for the events.

But, who will enforce all these rules?

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris reports.

The prom and ball can happen this year.

But the recently-released guidance from the state isn't very festive.

Among the guidelines: attendees cannot congregate except when seated at their own table.

Attendees should only stand when necessary, for example, to use the restroom or go to a buffet.

And they can only dance with those at their own table, socially distanced from those who aren't seated at their table .

None .

None 18:25 "it doesn't look like it will be easy.

It certainly looks like it's going to be complex" the guidance says 'organizers' should ensure compliance.

But, who's the organizer?

The school or the venue?

19:00 "if the school's hosting something on its own outside, i would think they'd have the majority of control.

If you're going to someplace to try and host an event, then certainly you're collaborating with somebody else" it looks like this year's color theme of choice, is grey 18:46 "it is grey and really it has been for so much of the school year for any of us who are tryhing to figure out which way is up, often, in the pandemic" dave russo, an assistant superintendent for whitesboro, says they're already planning the most memorable prom and ball possible for their students 10:29 "we're looking at everything.

We're looking at the possibility of having some of these events outside because it does allow us to increase capacity.

We also have a venue right now that might be able to do inside and outside for us right now" girls who'd normally start dress shopping in january are a bit behind the eight ball.

The prom and ball can happen this year.

But the recently-released guidance


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