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Sunday, 20 June 2021

The Landing Minnesota fundraiser

Credit: KIMT
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The Landing Minnesota fundraiser
The Landing Minnesota fundraiser
Helping the homeless

Mph winona state university nursing students come to "the landing minnesota" every tuesday throughout the semester to tend to people experiencing homelessness and their health and hygiene needs.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson joins us live to tell us about how the students are now raising money and awareness for homelessness.


George ?

"* the landing minnesoa currently serves people experiencing homeless here at the former silver lake fire station.

But it's looking for a permanent home.

The landing minnesota provides clothing and cold weather gear ?

"* meals ?

"* connects people to communiy resources ?

"* and is a safe space for homeless people to get out of the elements during the day.

Winona state university nursing students are raising money to help the landing continue to serve its clients.

The students provide services like foot massages and hair cuts ?

"* but they tell me what the people here often appreciate the most is conversation and making a human connection.

The goal of the fundraiser is not only to collect money ?

"* but to break the stigma around they're human too and they need help and i can treat them better, i can treat them more holistically by understanding what they're walking through in life.

We're all human, we all make mistakes, no one is perfect, and they're just in a time in their life where something has happened to them.

Maybe its a repetitive cycle, but we want to try to break that the fundraiser ends on april 23rd.

That night ?

"* the students will be here at the landing ?

"* some of them sleeping in structures they made out of cardboard to raise awareness.

Live in rochester annalise johnson kimt thank you annalise.

We'll have a link to the fundraiser on our website ?

"* kimt dot com.

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