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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Indiana and Illinois respond to Johnson and Johnson vaccine concerns

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Indiana and Illinois respond to Johnson and Johnson vaccine concerns
Indiana and Illinois respond to Johnson and Johnson vaccine concerns
Indiana and Illinois respond to Johnson and Johnson vaccine concerns

Patrece dayton.

Many state and local health departments are adjusting vaccination efforts.

The u-s has recommended a pause on using the johnson and johnson vaccine.

As we've told you all day today... it comes after reports of a "rare and severe" type of blood clot.

It involves "6" cases in the united states.

That's out of more than 6-point-8 million doses administered.

The clots occurred in women..

Between 6 and 13 days after receiving the vaccine.

The federal agencies said the "adverse events" seem to be extremely rare.

However, the pause gives time for officials to recognize and manage the cases.

The f-d-a commissioner expects the pause to last a matter of days while officials investigate.

The vigo county health commissioner points out at this time... there is no clear conclusion that the vaccine caused the clots.

Indiana state health officials reacted quickly to the johnson and johnson vaccine news.

As we explained at 5 o'clock... the mass vaccination clinic at the indianapolis motor speedway immediately shifted to offer the moderna vaccine.

News 10's dominic miranda contacted county health departments in the wabash valley today.

He joins us now live in our newsroom on what you could see around our area.

Indiana department of health's chief medical officer dr. lindsay weaver addressed media this morning outside of i-m-s.

She says the advisory committee for immunization practices will meet tomorrow... and the state will wait to get more information from that.

In the meantime..

The recommendation from the state is to pause all johnson and johnson vaccines pk} [take pkg incue: here's a look outcue: **bite** as we like duration:1:17] here's a look at the direction wabash valley health departments are going.

Vigo and knox county told me that they would be following indiana's recommendation.

Both of those counties will be pausing johnson and johnson vaccines.

Parke, clay, daviess, and martin counties said that they had not been receiving johnson and johnson vaccines, to begin with.

They only offer the moderna vaccine.

As for vermillion, sullivan, and greene counties.

I did not hear back from them.

Dr. lindsay weaver did offer guidance for those who have recently received the johnson and johnson vaccine.

"i think that they can be rest assured that this seems to be extremely rare at least.

However, if you do develop a headache, shortness of breath, chest pain, any of those things in the 3 weeks after you got your vaccine then yes, you need to seek health care and talk to your health care provider."

The state is waiting to get more information on a course of action in the coming days.

Weaver says this is exactly how the process is supposed to work.

This is why the state reports adverse events.

She says you should still definitely get the pfizer or moderna vaccine as soon as possible.

"i just want to assure people that this is part of the process.

Having these pauses, taking these recommendations, and making plans to move forward.

Getting vaccinated is so, so important.

We still have a long way to go here in indiana to get as many people vaccinated as we like."

Weaver says all vaccine weaver says weaver says all vaccine clinics in the all vaccine weaver says weaver says all vaccine clinics in the state can shift to offering the pfizer and moderna vaccines.

Reporting live in the newsroom i'm dominic miranda news 10 "johnson and johnson" did release a statement on this situation.

It said in part... the safety and well-being of the people who use our products is our number one priority.

The company says it is working closely with medical experts and health authorities.

Johnson and johnson also says it strongly supports open communications about


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