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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Train Depot rennovation

Credit: KIMT
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Train Depot rennovation
Train Depot rennovation
Moving a whole building

Pockets of the nation.

Milwaukee road depot in mason city has not seen passenger service since it was converted into a railyard office in 19?


Moving the historic building will be expensive.

The city's historic preservation commission has been working to move the depot and restore it.

A minnesota based moving company believes it can be done for five million dollars.

While the city can offer the help it has with similar projects ?

"* city planning and zoning manager tricia sandahl says private investment is required to "as far as taking ownership of the building and moving it, that's not something that the city can do right now.

We don't have the capacity to do it, and it's really complicated for us to do something like that."

Because of structural issues ?

"* the move would require disassembling and cataloging the building the