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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Former Student Sues UE for McCarty Assault Claims

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Former Student Sues UE for McCarty Assault Claims
Former Student Sues UE for McCarty Assault Claims
Former Student Sues UE for McCarty Assault Claims

Off developing tonight--- u-e is facing a lawsuit from a former student--- who claims she was sexually assaulted and harassed - by former coach walter mc- carty.

44-news reporter megan diventi is live with what she's learned about that lawsuit tonight.


The lawsuit was filed monday --- and states the university knew about prior allegations against mccarty - but hired and allowed him to continue his employment.

Mccarty was hired to be the head coach of the men's basketball team back in 20-18.... according to court documents---the lawsuit claims that within three months of hiring mccarty--- the school received at least seven different reports the coach had been sexually inappropriate with women who were students and employees of the university.... the lawsuit states the victim who's not named because of the allegations was was unaware of prior allegations made against mccarty.

Earlier today--i spoke with the victim's attorney.

"there have been other victims. i represent other victims. there were numerous other women who reported a stream of inappropriate conduct, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct.

The university, before my client was ever assaulted.

And so i think his pattern of conduct speaks for itself and the university's failure to do something about it and actually act on what other women have reported and other red flags also speaks for itself."

Mccarty is speaking out tonight.... in a statement to 44news he says in part-- "i've never assaulted anyone in my 47 years on this earth.

It's disheartening that someone would make up such a vicious lie to gain financial rewards...."

I look forward to clearing my name and exposing these untruth's and putting this all behind me...."

The university of evansville is responding to the lawsuit saying....?ue disputes the legal claims from the woman and her attorney.

The university is confident it responded appropriately to all reports of misconduct regarding mr. mccarty based on information it actually knew at the time.... the school goes on to say it looks forward to addressing the specific allegations in court and not in the media."

We reached out to evansville police and they say there were no sexual allegation complaints filed against mccarty during his employment at the university.

Reporting in evansville, md, 44news.


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