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Monday, 21 June 2021

Whitesboro flood mitigation project

Credit: WKTV
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Whitesboro flood mitigation project
Whitesboro flood mitigation project

Whitestown Town Supervisor Shaun Kaleta said the hot housing market threatens to further complicate the Whitesboro flood mitigation project.

Devastated a portion of whitesboro.

Since then -- the town of whitestown entered into a home buyout program with the federal government.

But now...some homeowners are turning to the hot housing market instead.

Newschannel two's brent kearney explains how this could impact a floodplain project.

The town says over 190 homes within the whitestown flood plain applied for a federal buyout of their home.

However some are choosing to sell theri home on the housing market instead.

Whitestown town supervisor shaun kaleta says this could complicate the process.


None .

None shaun kaleta: "while we cant prevent people from exploring the housing market, we strongly encourage people to consider their offer from nrcs because it can be to their benefit."

Karen hughs submitted applications for the 3 homes she owns here on sauquoit street.she says the process of waiting for an offer has been difficult.

Karen hughs: "waiting to see what they are going to be offering and how soon they are going to be offering is it going to happen and how soon will it happen.

Some people think they might be able to get more money selling it on their own instead of waiting for the buyout.

Because none of us know what we are going to be offered."

Kaleta says most people who applied for the program will be offered a buyout.

The goal of the project is to demolish toought outhomesf since the hallown flood destated a portn of whitboro.

Sin then -- thetown oo home buyoutrogram with tfederalt w...some hoowners areturning tog


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