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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Book proceeds donation

Credit: WTHI
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Book proceeds donation
Book proceeds donation
Book proceeds donation

You may you may have noticed an increase in stray animals on the streets..

That's why a local author and illustrator teamed up to write a children's book to offer a solution.

News 10's porsha williams spoke with them about how they're looking to help this problem.

The book "perils of pixie" came out a few weeks ago.

It centers around a dog being rescued... after being found on the street.

The author is giving some of the proceeds she makes... back to local humane society shelters across the wabash valley.

Pk} [take pkg outcue: they can get duration:1:30] pk} pixie was found behind a restaurant in terre haute.

Workers the restaurant took her in and tried to feed her..

Only to find out a lot of her teeth were missing.

And 13 others had to be removed.

"she's now 8 and a half pounds but she was only 2 and a half pounds and you could tell she just really needed somebody.

And you don't really know where she came from.

I tried to find where she came from.

She was micro-chipped but never registered."

Now she's an advocate for people adopting from the humane society.

"any cat and dog that is not rescue, rescued through the humane society and you hate to think about it but they're euthanized."

The terre haute humane society says they need all the donations they can get.

"covid really put a hit on donations but we're so appreciative all the time when anybody gives and when somebody goes out like this and writes a book and says hey we're gonna give half of our proceeds to various shelters or nonprofits it means a lot to all of us."

The illustrator does various murals across indiana including this one here.

But she says she's grateful this story has a happy ending.

"we went from sad and scared and lonely and hungry to happy healthy and loved and having a home so that is reflected in the illustrations in the book."

Kimbler says in the book."

Kimbler says in the book."

Kimbler says in the book."

Kimbler says she will be kimbler says in the book."

Illustrations in the book."

Kimbler says she will be holding a book signing soon so keep a look out for that.

You can purchase her book