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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Family of Bullied Teenager Sues Schools

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Family of Bullied Teenager Sues Schools
Family of Bullied Teenager Sues Schools

WAAY-31's Bridget Divers updates legal action being taken by the family of Nigel Shelby, a bullied black teenager.

Thank you ashley.

Here in huntsville - another family is also mourning their loved one who they say is gone much too soon.

Back in april of 2019 nigel shelby -- an openly gay huntsville high school student -- committed suicide after being bullied.

His family is now suing huntsville city schools, the huntsville board of education and the city of huntsville.

Waay-31's bridget divers heard from nigel's parents and their lawyers today about the lawsuit.


The families' attorneys say they're suing the school for title nine and title six violations after shelby was bullied because of his race and sexual orientation.

It wasn't only students that took part in the bullying.

The attorneys say that when nigel sought out help administrators also bullied him.

In the future the attorneys don't want to see that happen again and instead see schools step up and help their students.

We hope that huntsville that huntsville high school and that other schools do what god has called us to do and that is to be love and not to be hate.

There's no more powerful force in this word than love now the freshman year prinicpal that allegedly took part in the bullying is no longer with the school district according to huntsville city schools.

Live in huntsville, bridget divers, waay-31 news.

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