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Monday, 21 June 2021

Daunte Wright's Aunt Reacts to Nephew's Death

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Daunte Wright's Aunt Reacts to Nephew's Death
Daunte Wright's Aunt Reacts to Nephew's Death

WAAY-31's Ashley Carter discusses reactions of family members in light of Daunte Wright's shooting at the hands of cops.


And this afternoon - we're hearing from daunte's aunt - who lives here in alabama.

She drove from alabama to minnesota to support her family after her nephew was shot and killed by police.

Waay 31's ashley carter joins us live.

Now ashley - saying this is a tough time for the family would be an understatement .

Wright's aunt says this was the first time she ever saw or heard her brother cry when she spoke to him after daunte wright was killed.

She says right now she's just focusing on being there for her brother and sister -in- law during this difficult time.

She said she can't even explain the pain her family is going through right now.

She says her nephew did not deserve to die and they're not even sure how to put their lives back together after this loss.

She says thinking about her great nephew - wright's son growing up without his father just makes the pain even greater to bare.

All i could think about is my family what they're going through, what we're feeling.

I haven't, i haven't thought more about what's going on out there on the street.

What i thought about is getting off this road.

Get into my brother, get into my sister in law because my nephew was murdered.

I can't think of nothing right now.

Wright's aunt also says she's having a difficult time believing her nephew was accidentally shot and hopes justice gets served.

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