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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Representing Students

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Representing Students
Class Action Lawsuit Filed Representing Students

WAAY-31's Alex Torres-Perez updates us on the class action lawsuit filed against Trey Holladay and Tom Sisk.

New information about a "class action lawsuit" filed this morning.

It's in regards to the school enrollment fraud scheme that involves the former athens and limestone county superintendent s - trey holladay and tom sisk - along with 4 others.

Waay 31's alex torres-perez is live in limestone county now.

She has new details about the repurcussions that scheme could have on the students involved.


The personal information for hundreds of students is now at risk.

This class action lawsuit hopes to protect them from any future identity theft.

The lawsuit claims the former superintendent s and school employees offered benefits and perks to private schools in exchange for student information .

That information includes their names, date of birth and even social securiy numbers.

The defendants are accused of taking that information to enroll them in their virtual programs and funnel millions of dollars of state funding into their own pockets.

Meanwhile -- parents and students had no idea they were part of the virtual program.

Attorneys say that information now puts them at risk for a number of things.

Will league "having your identity out there, you know do they need life lock protection for the next ten years.

Are they going to wake up one morning and have their bank account drained.

Their transcrips, if they're not in order every parent and students worry is to get accepted to college and proress acedemically.

And if the transcrips are not in order, if they didn't get the credits they were supposed to get when they signed up for this education through athens city school and the virtual school.

Then that could create havoc.

The class action lawsuit essentially represents every students whose information was taken during the scheme.

At this time -- it's still unclear how many students were impacted.

But the lawsuit says they have about 94 people so far.

I reached out to the athens and limestone county school districts in regards to this new lawsuit.

I have not heard back at this time.

Reporting live in limestone co.

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