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Saturday, 18 September 2021

5pm Andy Beshear Suspends J&J Vaccinations 04.13.2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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5pm Andy Beshear Suspends J&J Vaccinations 04.13.2021
5pm Andy Beshear Suspends J&J Vaccinations 04.13.2021


And f-d-a reported the complications.... governor andy beshear announced the state was suspending the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine abc 36's kaitlyn shive has more on the decision... and the potential impact on the state's vaccination goals.

### kentucky.... following the recommendation of federal health agencies.... is temporarily halting the use of the johnson and johnson single dose coronavirus vaccine after reports of rare blood clotting.

Though the number of cases is small... governor andy beshear saying tuesday... the state doesn't want to take any chances.

"6 individuals have develpped blot cots from that 6.8 million each of those individuals was women between 18 and 48 years old" the university of kentucky is also going to stop giving the vaccine at the gatton student center site.

"we only had one site a very small clininc on campus where for about a week we had been administering that johnson and johnson vaccine the vast majority of what weve been doing is utilizing pfizer thats what we use" like everyone else...u-k is waiting for more details and direction.

We'll also continue to partner with our state and health department at the state level as to how to move forward and well evaluate " the state says it has received 210,000 doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine... the governor recommends those who are scheduled to get the johnson and johnson vaccine in the next few days to contact the vaccine provider to see if pfizer or moderna shots are available.

The governor also urges those who have appointments for the two-dose vaccinations to keep them.

We need people, absolutely need you to get that pfizer and moderna vaccine so we can hit our 2.5 million adult goal of vaccinations in kentucky but also so we can get towards herd immunity".

Beshear says it's a less than one in one million chance of getting clots from the johnson and johnson vaccine..that people are at much more risk of getting the virus.

He doesn't expect the pause to last longer than a week.

Kaitlyn shive abc 36 news ### the largest clinical trial of the johnson and johnson vaccine took place here in c1 3 kentucky... with 890 volunteers participating in the trial at three sites.... at u-k... baptist health lexington and norton healthcare in louisville.