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Monday, 20 September 2021

Pausing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

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Pausing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Pausing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Pausing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

At six.

I'm katie lange.

And i'm george mallet.

First tonight: the cdc and fda are recommending the united states pause the use of johnson and johnsons covid vaccine.

The minnesota department of health is advising the same for state health care providers.

This comes after six people suffered a rare and severe type of blood clot.

Of the more than 6 point 8 million doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine administered in the country ?

"* these are te only reported cases.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson is finding out what this means for vaccine distribution in southeastern minnesota.

She joins us live.


Katie ?

"* george ?

"* just fou days ago... detainees here at the olmsted county adult detention center got the johnson and johnson vaccine.

Because it's a one shot vaccine ?

"* it's a popular option for people who are more difficult to track down for a second appointment... like detainees ?

"* homeless people*- and people in low income areas.

But now ?

"* providers across our area are pausing administering the johnson and johnson shot... including mayo clinic ?

"* mercyone north iow*- and freeborn county public health.

I spoke with the freeborn county public health director ?

"* who tells me these cases are disheartening... pulling the johnson and johnson vaccine off the table not only takes away a vaccine option... for some people ?

"* t was some people that are allergic to things that are in the moderna or the pfizer vaccine so unfortunately, those people, they could've gotten the johnson and johnson vaccine and now they're not going to have that as an option.

And there are some people that just would prefer to have one shot, and at this time, they're not going to have that option either, so it's going to affect the number of people that do get vaccinated if you've received the johnson and johnson vaccine ?

"* you should watch fr a severe headache ?

"* abdominal or leg pain ?

"* and shortness f breath from about 5 to 15 days after vaccination.

If you're not feeling well ?

"* follow up with your doctor.

Live in rochester annalise thank you annalise.

The johnson and johnson shot uses the same type of vaccine as the astrazeneca vaccine ?

"* which also caused some blood clots in patients in europe.

The pfizer and moderna vaccines are a different type.

In minnesota ?


"* 174thousa 881 doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine have been administered.

And in iowa ?

"* 83?

"* thousand?

"* 685 people gotten the single

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