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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Reaction to NCAA's Threat

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Reaction to NCAA's Threat
Reaction to NCAA's Threat

The NCAA threatened to not hold sporting events in states with "anti-trans" legislation, which includes Mississippi.

Politicians, fans, and business-owners react.

The n-c-double a spoke out against the recent legislation banning transgender athletes from participating in sports.

Mississippi is one of several states to enact such legislation.

In a statement, the association said it supports the opportunity for transgender student athletes to compete in college sports.

While the statement doesn't openly say that the ncaa will ban championships from mississippi and other states with a similar ban, it implies that states with the ban may not be chosen.

For more on how it affects ole miss and mississippi state, matt st.

Jean joins us live in the studio.

Both ole miss and mississippi state are less than a half hour from first pitch in their midweek matchups.

Ole miss against austin-peay and mississippi state against arkansas state.

Both baseball teams are ranked in the top ten, ole miss at 9 and state at 3, so they may be in a position to host a regional tournament game, and the possibility of the ncaa taking that away, does not sit well with one ole miss fan and one business from starkville.

Emily runion - ole miss fan 00-09 i think its absolutely ridiculous, i'm a big believer that politics should stay out of politics, i just think its ridicuouls to take that away from a town like oxford just for that reason whit stuckey - local business owner: 20-29 "baseball weekends are really big.

Draws in a lot of people.

Draws in the tourism.

People that haven't been to starkville before are going to come and see what it's all about."

Sports illustrated writer joel coleman did tweet out earlier today that he checked around and the statement made by the ncaa will still be allowed to host regional and or super regional games this year.

This is the second recent instance where the ncaa threatened mississippi regarding policy, the first being the state flag last september.

Republican senator roger wicker tweeted in reference to the statement, saying it's "unbelievable."

He added that the ncaa wants to take away opportunities from state athletes because "our state believes in biology.

At this rate, they will have to cancel every other state that decides to protect women's sports."

And he wasn't the only mississippi politician responded to the ncaa's threat to boycott.

State senator chris mcdaniel posted on his facebook page, saying "if the ncaa truly cared about providing an environment that is safe and healthy for competitors, it would follow mississippi's lead."

He went on to say, " i am comfortable speaking for the overwhelming majority of mississippians by keeping my comment simple and to the point: to hell with the ncaa."