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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Celebrating National Lineman Appreciation Day

Credit: KEZI
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Celebrating National Lineman Appreciation Day
Celebrating National Lineman Appreciation Day
Here's what to know if you want to become a line worker.

Break day used to recognize some of the most important people in our work force... line workers.

In tonight's skilled to work: kezi is partnering with employers in our area... to address the lack of workers for skilled jobs.

Today is national lineman apprication day.

Line workers are the ones going up on poles making sure power goes to homes when there's an outage, or damage.

And oregon's electric cooperative is encouraging you to use the "hashtag thank a line worker" to show your appreciation, and if you'd rather look into a career as a lineman, here's some data about the career field.

The average salary for a lineman in oregon is around 58 thousand dollars a year.

And according to the bureau of labor statistics jobs are expected to grow in this field by about 8 percent by 20-26.

For the most part getting into this career field requires a high school diploma, and some technical training at the college or on the job level, or possibly a


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