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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Drive-Thru Fast Food Shooting

Credit: WEVV
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Drive-Thru Fast Food Shooting
Drive-Thru Fast Food Shooting
Drive-Thru Fast Food Shooting

-5- a man waiting for his food in an evansville mcdonald's drive-thru-- never got to pick up his order-- after a shooting left him bleeding in his car... and tonight-- the search is still on for the shooter-- within the past few minutes we've obtained the harrowing 9-1-1 call from a woman who was on the phone with the victim at the time of the shooting.

44news reporter marisa patwa is live in evansville with the story.

That call was just one of nine calls made to emergency dispatchers.

Those calls describing the chaotic scene of what happened.

"all of a sudden i started hearing gun shots and he's like oh babe they're shooting and i was like when when when, are you ok?

And he's not saying nothing.

It just went blank.'

That frantic 911 call was made by a friend of the victim's after the phone went silent last night after a shooting at the mcdonald's drive- thru on washington avenue.

"the car that was in front sped off -- a short time later -- we suspect who was in the car later came back on foot and and shot the other guy who was still in his car ordering food."

The victim was taken to the hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds to the stomach and upper thigh.

The latest shooting is just one of 13 shootings that has happened in the city of evansville in recent months.

"we've had some that have not been so lucky -- we've had some fatalities where people have been shot as well."

Police say the cycle of shutting down and opening back up over the pandemic has contributed to the violence "later in the summer -- people we're just wanting out -- that's when things started to escalated as far as crime -- and it hasn't slowed down."

While community activists like reverend william payne agrees "we've been stuck in the house -- a lot of people have lost their jobs -- a lot of people are having a hard time feeding their families -- so what you have right now is a powerkeg of anger and injustice that is about ready to explode."

He says more needs to be done to stop the violence -- which starts with good relationships with the police "they look at the police -- not as someone they can go to to help -- but you know someone they have to worry about being caught by."

Tonight the search for the shooter is still underway.

We just checked on the victim and we're told he is expected to make a full recovery.

Reporting live in evansville marisa