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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Gov. Gavin Newsom signs wildfire prevention plan in Butte County

Credit: KHSL
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Gov. Gavin Newsom signs wildfire prevention plan in Butte County
Gov. Gavin Newsom signs wildfire prevention plan in Butte County


Gavin Newsom signed a $536 million wildfire prevention plan to accelerate fire prevention across the state in Butte County on Tuesday.


Today -- governor newsom visited butte county to promote his 500- million dollar plan to protect us from wildfires..

New at 5 -- action news now reporter krisitian lopez show us how this money will be used in our area.

Beth bowersox/ camp fire survivor: this fire season and every fire season is what are we going to face next beth bowersox is a cal fire dispatcher in butte county - she knows first hand what its like to be impacted by a wildfire... beth bowersox : i live in paradise, my house was burned, still standing fortunately due to the amazing actions of our fire crews.

Bowersox says the state's new wildfire protection plan is comforting.... beth bowersox: i think having these resources is really hopeful, really encouraging.

Tuesday governor gavin newsom signed the 500 million dollar legislative package to help with vegetation management and wildfire response efforts.

Kristian stand up: the money will be used to accelerate fire prevention projects all across the state.

Here behind me you can still see the devastation left behind 8 months after the bear fire ripped through the area.

Gov gavin newsom: we have more black hawk helicopters, have new weather stations, new infrared technology, new it for early detection warning, more robust firefighter plans, including new mandates from pg&e as it relates for firefighter preventions.

Real sanctions and real comprehensive plans, undergrounding, hardening , all the related issues that need to be considered in order to keep this state safe.

Beth bowersox :we don't want just put out the fires, we want to prevent them from happening in the first place and i appreciate that not only as a member of the department that makes me proud but as a member of the department i appreciate it and the thought that is put into in chico kristian lopez action news now coverage you can count on.

Newsom also toured wildfire preparedness work that is underway to protect people here in butte county the early action plan is part of the governor's one billion investment in forest health and community fire resilience in the proposed 2021-2022


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