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Friday, 25 June 2021

Community continues to band together after Holiday Farm Fire

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Community continues to band together after Holiday Farm Fire
Community continues to band together after Holiday Farm Fire

LOVEfirst Disaster Relief recently opened nine humanitarian positions to assist Holiday Farm Fire survivors gain access to resources through the recovery plans rebuilding process.

Word yet on the cause.

Some much needed help is on the way for holiday farm fire survivors.

A nonprofit and disaster relief site in springfield was just awarded 750,000 -- that will be used to fill nine new positions.

Kezi 9 news reporter kennedy dendy spoke to the organization 'lovefirst,' as well as people who lost everything -- to find out what this type of support means to them.

Adam: "over the last seven months, our goal has always been to serve the wildfire survivor."

The holiday farm fire this past labor day destroyed more than 173,000 acres -- leaving hundreds without a home.

Still, the community has stepped up to help.

After a*big grant from the state, lovefirst was finally able to open up*nine paid positions.

This comes after the organization has been run 100% by volunteers until now.

Adam: "building that relationship of trust is crucial to helping them gain access to the community resources that otherwise they might be hesitant to to plug into and get help."

We're talking positions like coordinators, a director and opportunities to work in administration.

The hires will be working at the site on mohawk boulevard* as well as up-river.

6 bridge: two wildfire survivors i just spoke to tell me they often feel forgotten.

But it's groups like lovefirst, sheds of hope and the many other names around town that remind them they're not alone through the rebuilding journey.

Andi: "i mean i lost everything, it's just gone.

So, any little tidbit of a flower bloom anything just symbolizes that we are going to come back, we are."

Andi metz and her friend lynn hill live in vida but have found shelter elsewhere as they wait to rebuild.

They lost nearly everything -- looking out for one another when the holiday farm fire broke out.

Lynn -- driving through flames.

Lynn: "it's hard to say you need help.

It's hard, and this is one of the situations where a lot of people are saying."

Three positions with lovefirst have already been filled -- but if you're interested in applying, you can head to their website.

Reporting in springfield


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