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Monday, 14 June 2021

School return rally

Credit: KHSL
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School return rally
School return rally

Parents and students calling on Chico Unified for a return to in-person learning this school year.

Parents rallied outside the shasta elementary schoool in chico this morning.

They heard from superintendent kelly staley who says she has*no power to overturn the board's decision to stay in the am/pm model the big question parents are asking is why are kids that*wan* to be online being accomadated, and why are kids that*wan* to be in person not.

Superintendent staley held a q&a following the morning rally -- listening and trying to find solutions.

Kelly staley, superintendent at chico unified school district "we have heard loud and clear from parents today that they want more instruction and that just gives me great hope for in the fall when we are able to bring kids back."

// "vivienne muff, student at shasta elementary "2 hours is not enough.

We can barely learn anything, some of us have to go to school early to get like private time with our teachers to learn more."

Staley says the recent survey that was sent to parents about the am/pm model had very little response.

Parents say they did not take the survey since they felt their voices were already silenced.

Chico unified will stick with the am/pm model for the rest of this school year.

And staley will be presenting the plan she is developing at next wednedsay's board meeting for a return to full in-person learning in the fall.