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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Cops react to Daunte Wright killing

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Cops react to Daunte Wright killing
Cops react to Daunte Wright killing
Cops react to Daunte Wright killing

The officer's resignation.

That officer is 26-year veteran kim potter.

The brooklyn center police chief says she accidentally fired her gun, instead of a taser, killing duante wright.

Waay31s sierra phillips spoke with two different alabama police association representatives who explain what goes through officers heads in a tense situation and the importance of training.

Partridge - "when i saw that video it made me sick to my stomach.

Tragic accidents like that.

It shouldn't have happened."

Bill partridge is the former president of the alabama association of police chiefs and the chief of the oxford police department.

He's reffering to the video of officer kim potter firing her gun, instead of deploying her taser as seemingly intended--- killing 20-year old daunte wright when he tried to escape while being arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Partidge- "those are really training issues, because we want to train our officers to the point that it becomes muscle memory especially in high stress events-- and this was a high stress event."

Everette johnson with the fraternal order of police echoed that a high stress situation makes it difficult for officers.

Johnson- "i have no doubt that in that officer's mind she thought she had her taser in her hand and she was deploying her taser."

As a chief, partidge explains, that high stress is something to prepare for.

Partidge- "i think it's very important to understand that police officers are human beings, we make mistakes too.

Tragedies like this, though they are very bad, those are definitely things that we as administrators should be looking at to make sure our officers have adequate training to get through those high stress events like that."

The county attorney where the shooting took place said tuesday that a decision on whether or not to file criminal charges against officer potter will be made on wednesday.

Reporting in huntsville sierra phillips waay31 news.


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