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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Tim Kelly elected Mayor

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Tim Kelly elected Mayor
Tim Kelly elected Mayor
Tim Kelly has been elected the next mayor of Chattanooga.

Good evening everybody and your family the last to grant from the 12th i 11 on the nail right on tim kelly celebrating a is a great over him white as well as woodson reed spoke to the mayor like bejeweled is the live from city hall to chose victory was yule by months of campaigning a handful of endorsements in excess amount of funds invested into his campaign kelly seems call the ways our final results when now is mayor elect's on th to julio being kim weigh at the polls where hence a margin of more than those in the know is a media priority will be closing the health disparity gap in chattanooga our very first job will be to hire a director of city director of health and make sure that this is done a great job at this point you finish out the process of everybody vaccinated kelly will also is reviving local is burdened by the pandemic is false about religion and you start a small business or origins of is a center to businesses the mayor elect vision also includes getting the little things right as well as they see a piece of this campaign this is the simplest caesar's is this tim kelly will officially take office next monday april tim kelly will officially take office next monday, april 19


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