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Monday, 21 June 2021

Kim White loses runoff race

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Kim White loses runoff race
Kim White loses runoff race

Kim White congratulates Tim Kelly in the runoff race for mayor.

She's proud of the campaign but disappointed with the results.

Reporting live in chattanooga once and read it for now with something that live update on the other hand him white outlasted 13 other in the wood could not complete the final challenge is 12 brian armstrong choices live the recap of kim white's journey ... much earlier than expected kim weigh conceded the race to be the next chattanooga mayor she says she is said congratulations to tim kelly and she is ready for that next at ... 11 runoff election away from making his is chattanooga's first email mayor but she fell short conceding the tree to tim kelly and her life a jesus the boat didn't go her way but she's thankful for everyone who supported her in a i and ways is the inner campaign the number one goal was to run a campaign and she's as they were successful in serenading the campaign is seen to be proud of her eye she probably like when speaking to her supporters she asked them to keep investing in chattanooga and to put their support behind mayor elect tim kelly and so i was sitting at a and i think meeting people will as this is not the andover political run and her face in jed google will not come to an end after this did eat because she feels although she did not intend to