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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Local pharmacist has hundreds of vaccines she can't use

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Local pharmacist has hundreds of vaccines she can't use
Local pharmacist has hundreds of vaccines she can't use

A Verona pharmacist said she is now waiting on a shipment of different coronavirus vaccines after the CDC's recommendations for people to stop getting the Johnson and Johnson.

One of many states already following the recommendation to pause ... state health officer thomas dobbs sent out this tweet this morning -- it asks all vaccine providers to refrain from using the johnson and johnson vaccine until additional guidance is available from the federal government ... wtva's bronson woodruff joins us live after talking to a verona pharmacist who had to stop giving vaccines after just getting a shipment.... the owner of pakmeds pharmacy now has hundreds of vaccines she can't use.


(pannell) "i'm just glad i didn't take the j j."

Robin jackson opened pakmeds pharmacy last march.

Her pharmacy got a shipment of four hundred j and j coronavirus vaccines on friday.

She gave some on saturday, but now on monday, she stopped after the cdc's recommendation.

"we're just holding on to it until we have further news of what we're supposed to do."

Keri pannell regularly visits pakmeds pharmacy.

She got the pfizer vaccine, and is happy she didn't take the j and j.

"i believe a friend of mine may have gotten sick from it, so with them holding back on the j and j, i think it's a good mark that they did."

After getting vaccines, jackson has to properly store them at low temperatures.

For her vaccines, she has a sensor on the side of her refrigerator that beeps if there is a problem, such as it getting too warm inside.

Nat: beeps (jackson) and we need to take care of it as soon as possible because those vaccines need to be kept at a certain temperature.

Jackson said she is expecting moderna vaccines.

She said she should get them at the end of the week and start vaccinating once again.

"i just hope that people will still get the vaccine and won't let this right here stop them."

A c-d-c advisory committee is planning to meet tomorrow to discuss next steps.

Live in verona, bronson woodruff, wtva 9 news.

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