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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

J&J vaccine on hold - Public reactions and health leader updates

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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J&J vaccine on hold - Public reactions and health leader updates
J&J vaccine on hold - Public reactions and health leader updates

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is now on hold after the CDC recommended halting its usage following the discovery of blood clots in 6 women.

The one dose shot is now on hold.

The cdc called for health care workers to pause administering the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccine.

This while officials investigate a potential rare safety issue.

In a joint statement, the f-d-a and c-d-c said they are investigating blood clots in six women that occurred between six and 13 days after they received the single-dose vaccine.

Health care workers saw the blood clots in combination with low levels of blood platelets... which can make the usual treatment potentially "dangerous".

However, the agencies said the adverse events appear to be "extremely rare"... people who develop severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath within three weeks of getting the vaccine should contact their doctor.

And this pause is the biggest story across the entire nation... wtva's bronson woodruff is joining us now live from tupelo with reactions... i'm outside the north mississippi medical center in tupelo.

A hospital spokesperson told us the hospital already wasn't giving that vaccine.

We also talked with some local folks about their reaction.

" right now the risk seems to be extremely rare, it seems like its going to be less than 1 in a million.."

In a press conference today, dr. thomas dobbs and dr. paul byers addressed the public about the scare now created by the c-d-c recommendation."

" this is strictly with the johnson and johnson - we are asking providers to pause the administration of that vaccine.."

"i was kinda coached into getting one."

Betty taylor of tupelo said she didn't want to get a coronavirus vaccine, but her mind changed.

She got one, but it wasn't johnson and johnson.

"everybody told me i needed one because i have copd, and they said i really need it, so ok.

I got one yesterday."

"i gotta go back in three weeks."

She said she was certain about which of the vaccines she wanted to avoid, even before the news of the six people with blood clots came out today, "no, i've done a little study on that one, heard a man on tv, and no.

I don't want that one.

I made sure i didn't get that one."

" the majority of those have been administered in the clinic setting but we have also distributed doses out to hospitals, we've sent them out to corrections, pharmacies in the state, msdh events.."

For now, places that we talked to with the j and j vaccines are holding them until they find out what to do next.

In tupelo, bronson woodruff, wtva 9 news.