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Friday, 25 June 2021

Now is the time to start preparing for fire season

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Now is the time to start preparing for fire season
Now is the time to start preparing for fire season
Fire season is coming up and now is the time to start preparing.


Fire season is rapidly approaching - and it's extremely important knowing the proper steps to prevent a fire.

Action news now reporter carmela karcher breaks down those steps - and shows us how the government is helping.

Firefighters are ready&and so should you.

While it can be overwhelming to know what to do and not to do for the upcoming months&jimmy waddle said it can be as simple as checking your smoke detector.

Jimmy waddle/cal fire apparatus engineer: "gotta check the batteries and make sure they work, test them every couple of months.

We do ours every month.

Keeping the weeds down so it doesn't spread to anyone else's house in the tragic event that we do lose one house.

We like to keep it to one house and not several."

Carmela karcher: "open fields are very common across the county, especially next to neighborhoods like this one in south chico."

And these beautiful open fields come with the danger of fire.

But there are actions being taken to help.

Along with signing the legislative package&he said state agencies and the federal government are here to give some relief.

But&fire prevention is something we all need to continually work on.


Gavin newsom: "you've got to constantly keep at this.

It can't be interested in the issue of addressing preparation.

You've got to be committed, year in and year out."

And as jimmy says&it's better to start prevention projects earlier rather than later.

Jimmy waddle: "just the standard tips we usually give out.

Check for chains, don't drag chains around.

In the high wind areas, you gotta do your lawn work and stuff that has potential of being out in the heat causing sparks and excess heat, like chainsaws and lawn mowers and heaters.

Try and do it as early as you can and stay safe."

Cal fire also mentioned the importance of maintaining your fenceline to help


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