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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Trade Tuesday Job Fair

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Trade Tuesday Job Fair
Trade Tuesday Job Fair

People Link Staffing Solutions to host weekly job fairs for those looking for employment

For the day -- first right now at six-- a huge gap exists-- between the number of employers looking to hire-- and the number of qualified applicants for the jobs... thanks for joining us i'm brian miller... that issue-- of too many jobs-- and not enough people to fill them-- is now impacting several aspects--and sectors of the job market... here now to explain what's being done to help change that-- is 44 news reporter ella shemwell she starts us off tonight new at six..

The unemployment rate in vanderburgh county is as low as 3%... but the amount of employers looking to hire-- continues to rise.

"on any given day, theres 7,000.

7,000 open jobs in evansville."

People link staffing solutions hosting their second "trade tuesday" job fair to connect those looking to work -- in the evansville and princeton area.

"you're going to come in, we're going to talk about all of them, the pay range is $10-$16 an hour" and the process is simple-- on the spot interviews and immediate job offers.

"and she can probably get you going to work the next day" southern indiana is one of the largest manufacturing focused regions in the nation-- and some companies have even experienced slower service due to the lack of employees "we have almost 26 different job styles, production, manufacturing, assembly" for some-- job searing can be very difficult-- even discouraging.

But people link staffing has the answers..

"majority of our employers are second chance employers.

That means we all have a past, they're going to look passed your past.

Due to the number of job openings in the area-- people link staffing solutions is going to continue trade tuesday as a weekly event.

And they have even extended their hours to accommodate anyones needs.

"my job is to find you a job" ella shemwell-