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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Golden Apple Award - Samantha Smith, Loftis Middle School

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Golden Apple Award - Samantha Smith, Loftis Middle School
Golden Apple Award - Samantha Smith, Loftis Middle School

Samantha Smith wins our Golden Apple award for her vocabulary, among other reasons.

Arts is a vital part of a well-rounded education.

Samantha smith is great at making the page come to life for her students at loftis middle school.

She's firm, but fun and, she loves sprinkling in a big word from time to time.

All that earned ms. smith tonight's... golden apple award.

Natural sound: mrs. smith, on behalf of food city and news 12 i'll audit to present you with this weeks golden apple teacher award.

Thank you.

Mary: mrs. smith is the heart of the six grade team.

She puts her, her entire heart into loving on and taken care of and growing students and her colleagues as well.

Natural sound: start up here.

And you want to look for the phrase beside the noun that gives it more information.

All right.

There you go.

Dm: who is samantha smith?

Samantha: she is a mom and a wife... a daughter and a teacher and hopefully a best friend.

Hunter: she lets us do a lot of stuff that most teachers wouldn't like work with a group.

And it's really, it's a lot more easy to be productive.

Sidney: she makes all the lessons fun.

And she is really nice.

And she'll take care of you if you need anything.

Dm: the letter says she is a bit of a nerd.

Hunter: yeah a little bit.

She talks about harry potter a lot.

Samantha: i do but that is because of susan butler.

She hooked me on harry potter many, many, many years ago.

She is mine, my best friend and my fellow teacher .

Hunter: gets a little annoying but it is also really funny.

Samantha: so my brother can vouch for this that whenever i was little i would line my stuffed animals up in my bedroom, and my dad put a chalkboard up in my bedroom and i would teach.

So, yeah i think i was just meant to be a teacher.

And then fast for many years and i found my birth parents and they are both teachers.

So i think it was just meant to be.

Natural sound: you can work on the objective summary together but if you got a couple already going you can share your thoughts, give each other some ideas.

Samantha: i think i am who i am because of the wonderful colleagues that i've worked with.

And my career they have helped shape who i am.

My family and every student i've ever had the blessing to be a part of the world.

And their parents have allowed me to teach have made me who i am.

If you'd like to nominate a special teacher for the golden apple award, go to our web site, wdef dot com, look for the golden apple section, and fill out the