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Monday, 21 June 2021

greenIspaces of Chattanooga announces Earth Day's Eco Field Day starting April 15th

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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greenIspaces of Chattanooga announces Earth Day's Eco Field Day starting April 15th
greenIspaces of Chattanooga announces Earth Day's Eco Field Day starting April 15th

GreenIspaces of Chattanooga announces Earth Day's Eco Field Day celebration starting April 15th.

Individuals, families, teams can win prizes while learning how to help the environment.

All ... watching which jack each and every spring get the honor and the opportunity to celebrate earth day.

Only this time around a celebrity for little bit longer than just today revealed longer just kelly curtain is here and she is here to talk about eco-field day green space and all that sort of thing.

First of all, killing 20 d exactly what is earth day 21 years now and i started out really creation all he had to share share and the year for the past three years the chain on the field day shareware continuing the virtual version with activity for kids and adults teams individuals all si, combining these two events right you can share with you every day activities you meet kenny and we really just want china resources we have great patience and great sponsors is doing in our community and the people the tools to make their day-to-day life.

You see, we have about the completed designated settlement to give us a view of what those activities might consist of you are interested in.

I just we have energy efficiency video challenge had been in spell really it is i see you and you need any trivia question that shirley and i people and all around her.

What kind of ages are you targeting young kids soul is not so young ... telus ali came back to the classroom.

He's getting all the way i to adult age.

He wanted to achieve this is truly one of the things about everyone has got to do a huge pack of a lot.

If everybody does just a little something, it will go a long walk away correct things really do.

I truly believe that in and if we all do our small part one conscious change every day to make a change in the future are the people you're prepared to handle for this last year and was 100 people and we do that anymore.

We arty have our registration is all virtually eight and lots to tell what we have premarital we can.

We had the last reasonable thing that can we have to get cards to every business day.

There organizations around 10 you and you can go on and the folks were watching and they may have something like donate you.

I'm truly happy with the offer, the eu nations for a nonprofit, always a great thing.

We appreciate anything in you all have everything all for your understanding and market on wednesday and other cool things that we can use if you give us is one or two things that each of us can do on a consistent basis day in day out from here on out to have the most ... great question and really do is try to streamline your purchases.

You will have your cell will create the?economy community for purchases that are low impact on the environment.

He returned to state that don't don't contribute to deforestation and he can look for work and festivals in each farmers market really any purchasing will change in the huge changes in the long run.

Certainly it was something mobile ago that will continue t pay all all of us doing just a little bit can certainly add up to great kelly, thank you so much for joining us.

What will be partway through the find out everything is going to kelly and find out what is going on for a how you can get them all.

Check out the website earth day's chat with tutees.

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