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Monday, 14 June 2021

The Chattanooga Theatre Centre presents "Vintage Hitchcock" a radio play fro stage in 3 acts.

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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The Chattanooga Theatre Centre presents 'Vintage Hitchcock' a radio play fro stage in 3 acts.
The Chattanooga Theatre Centre presents "Vintage Hitchcock" a radio play fro stage in 3 acts.

The Chattanooga Theatre Centre presents "Vintage Hitchcock" a radio play fro stage in 3 acts.

It's just like all things broadcast specially vintage broadcasting was certain your others new production all the way to chattanooga theater so you don't want to miss the fun falkenberg, the executive that rodney good morning morning.

I saw this i was absolutely taken the name of it vintage hitchcock library you had me at ... thomas and i celebrate all that i, the preeminent early movie and the radio so you see the actors that out of the on air radio show including the foley are dispersed on the earth, and so it really takes you back to the 1940s and it's amazing house and slowly you can create ways to answer for the radio and you're actually consisting several of the earlier hitchcock titles into this broadcast.

The larger sabotage in 39 steps.

This sounds like something that would be a challenging endeavor from the directors for tell me about well you have great actors and we have as of really big 18 actors and they like 20 parts each.

It's really amazing to se them how they are so you see all these different characters and really will work for the other really create all atmosphere and mood of the solicitor to act play.

Give us the background.

The overview that you would a large balsa serial killer something notorious hitchcock ... yes, and this biter was in part because it was weller and really was the first movie that he created that have the kind of random and is about a man who except one room and the sportin home and unknown to the people on the order of the border is bad the person they just landed.

It was a potential murderer and they discover yes he is out there killing young lady and rather dramatic and airport batter mike wrapped up in and in 39 steps, you got a guy who was involved in a web of spies leaves international intrigue and also got just for good measure a bombing suspect well you got pretty all right all th suspenseful bases covered exactly as the stabbing explosion.

You know it's a really amazing like pretty nice and sabotage how it really counts is the audience that even reading the plan would like kno that i can have it all know, so it really brings the audience into the mystery and the what is the take of this play from the actors for review.

I know these are established actors with theater center.

She remembered that anything quite as retro-as scott ... .

What was it like seeing them develop in the vascular well.

We spent time talking.

The fact individually and there in the next to do is create a visual image.

Interestingly, though, even though they're using their mouth and really need some sort of visual who clicks into finding that particular character and they have to remember those because i can better i coming to our when the actor said the other day that he must have access the same i and is keeping track of it all you need to have a visual and they said actors were.

Is it difficult for them to control her body language.

When this is primarily policy nodded a nonvisual thing but you know it's it's difficult to control your speech and your body especially when you're going back and forth between two different dialects two differen accents but about that a reversal that actually the physical part is you want the actors because it helps them with their moist and so part of the audience that really will enjoy it on many levels.

Watch these actors physically and vocally change characters then you watch the only artist found in the background and so you can watch it or you just cause your eyes and go to the listening to all it like a veteran of the time that's for sure.

Roddy ben wagner, thank you so much for joining us for anything you do at the theater center lesson.

You need to check this out.

It' vintage hitchcock a live radio play and it is going to be on friday and saturday at 8 o'cloc and 230 as well as 8 o'clock on sunday.

Also set up skus me sundays at 230 thursdays at seven showtimes you can find want to do without doubt, go to theater for more information theatre theatr e ctr.

Cmt are for more information about vintage hitchcock live radio play have a