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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

'No Empty Chair' focuses on teen safety

Credit: WKTV
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'No Empty Chair' focuses on teen safety
'No Empty Chair' focuses on teen safety

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office joined Westmoreland school officials Wednesday to announce the 'No Empty Chair' campaign, promoting safety for high school students during prom and graduation season.

Students and their superintendent delivered a joint message today at the school.

The 'no empty chair' campaign aims to make sure that there is no empty chair at graduation because of careless, irresponsible driving during prom and ball season.

This year, those traditional end-of- year activities will be happening.

So the sheriff, students and superintendent want to make sure it's all good stuff and free from tragedy.

7:31 "i think most of us experience many sleepless nights between now and the end of august.

It's not just proms and graduations, but as the sheriff says, it's the post prom parties, it's graduation parties, it's bonfires, it's 'let's all get together one last look before everybody's away and we all strugglge with that and we all stay up nights listening for sirens and for phones to ring" 7:50 next week, law enforcement will be paying special attention to certain campaign by paying special attention to certain violations each day.

On monday-speeding in school zones.

Tuesday, they'll be concentrating on seatbelt use and child safety seats.

Wednesday, cell phone use.

Thursday, they'll be out in force, looking for drivers passing stopped school buses.

And friday, the focus will be on impaired driving.