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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Vigo County potholes

Credit: WTHI
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Vigo County potholes
Vigo County potholes
Vigo County potholes

Storm team 10's david siple is live out at the vigo county highway department.

He drove around the county to see how crews are doing.

It was a little later than normal for the county to start road repair.

The main asphalt company the county uses just fully opened this week.

I caught up with some county crews on "moyer" road filling pot holes and doing minor repairs to some areas.

Back in march, the county was using a "cold mixture" whic was a temporary solution.

But now they have switched over to asphalt or the "hot mixture".

This was expected to happen now... especially since we are in the warmer time of the year.

I spoke with the vigo county engineer.

He told me just how bad this winter was for roadways throughout the county.

"we do have about 75 miles of county road miles that were affected by that hard freeze at the end of winter there that we have issues with right now.

They're mostly in the rural areas so we are trying to areas so we in the rural they're mostly in the rural areas so we are trying to now address those here."

Now coming up for you tonight at 6... robbins gave me this map that shows all of the areas that will be repaired in the coming weeks.

And i'll also show how "you" can report potholes and problem areas within the county.

For now... reporting at the vigo county highway garage.

David siple.

Storm team 10.