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Monday, 14 June 2021

Abortion reversal bill heading to the Governors desk

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Abortion reversal bill heading to the Governors desk
Abortion reversal bill heading to the Governors desk
Abortion reversal bill heading to the Governors desk


News 18's meredith hackler was there and tells us what this means for abortions in the state of indiana.

Ll: house bill 1577 which passed in the house on wednesday will require medical professional to tell a woman that if she has a chemical abortion she is able to reverse that.

However many argue that science isn't backed up my research.

Take vo the bill also requires a minor seeking an abortion to have their permission slip..

Which is signed by a parent or guardian be notarized.

Those in opposition of the bill say this could be a potential hippa violation.

Local representative chris campbell voted against it.

She said as a medical professional she couldn't vote for a bill that supports a claim that isn't backed up by the fda.

"i don't know anywhere else in indiana code where it dictates a medical procedure that is not fda approved i feel that that's negligent and very misleading to patients and it can put them at risk."- campbell.

Representative negele of attica voted in favor of this bill she sent me a statement saying in part.

"this legislation is another step forward in our efforts for women to have all the information given to them as they make life-changing decisions.

Notarizing of parental consent for minors undergoing an abortion ensures the parents are involved when such a big decision is made.

I will also continue to support policy that promotes education and increased birth control access.

" ll tag: the billed passed 62-25 in the house and it now heads to governors desk where many representatives have told me he is expected to sign it.

However testimony during the bill has said two other states have passed similar legislation which was struck down by state supreme courts.

This in opposition of the bill expect similar law suits will take place here in indiana.

Reporting at the indiana statehouse meredith hackler news 18.

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