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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Remembering former deputy chief

Credit: WKTV
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Remembering former deputy chief
Remembering former deputy chief

A 45-year veteran of the Utica Police Department, Nick Yagey, passed away Tuesday.

A 45 year veteran of the utica police department has passed away.

Tonight -- we remember former second in command nick yagey.

He passed away yesterday.

Yagey was a longtime deputy chief for upd...and for a number of years, oversaw the criminal investigation division.

--he retired in 2000.

Police chief mark williams worked under yagey for more than a decade.

He says, now, as police chief....he sees how valueable that deputy chief position is.... and yagey was one of the best.

12:05:16 you have to rely on your deputy chiefs.

You need people that have your back that are, more importantly share the same values.

12:25 12:06:21 nick yagey was a dedicated public servant where he served the utica police department a total of 45 years.

He came on in 1955 and retired mandatory retirement age of 70 back in 2000 12:06:39 yagey also served in the army...before his time with upd.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced.


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