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Saturday, 18 September 2021

Afghanistan veteran reacts to President Biden's announcement

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Afghanistan veteran reacts to President Biden's announcement
Afghanistan veteran reacts to President Biden's announcement
Afghanistan veteran reacts to President Biden's announcement

Over the last 2 decades - thousands of americans have served tours in afghanistan.

Many of them call alabama home.

Waay 31's grace campbell spoke with a veteran about what it means to have our troops out on this significant day.

By the time we have all our troops out of afghanistan, it will be 240 months after the 9-11 terrorist attacks that started this war.

Deandre hubbard served in afghanistan for only 12 of those months, pkg: deandre hubbard, afghanistan veteran: "the atmosphere of not knowing what could happen, that's what's traumatizing to me.

You just never know what is going to happen during that time, or any given time really."

Deandre hubbard served in afghanistan back in 2016.

He says by the time he got there things had calmed down where he was stationed "it wasn't real hazardous.

It was just, you know, doing your term on the front.

It was more so relaxing i guess, it wasn't as combat active as a lot of people portray it to be."

But hubbard knows his experience isn't the same for every soldier who's served in afghanistan the past 20 years.

In fact, almost 25 hundred soldiers have died.

Which is why he hopes every remaining soldier gets back safely.

"there's obviously areas that are terrible and people are actually dying day in and day out.

So, like i said, i just wish them the best."

This is america's longest war.

After hubbard says getting to come back home after protecting your country is one of the best feelings.

"it's always a blessing to go somewhere and return safely but it's scary, but at the same time just coming back home is such a great, overwhelming feeling of relief that you do not have to do that again, but being in the military, you never know."

What we do know is that come september 11th, 2021, our soldiers won't be going back to afghanistan for this war.

Reporting in huntsville, grace campbell, waay 31 news.

President biden says america's efforts to support peace will not end once our troops are

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