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Friday, 30 July 2021

Wright and Floyd for bri

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Wright and Floyd for bri
Wright and Floyd for bri
officer charged for wright's death


Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 first at 4.

I'm katie lange and i'm amy fleming.

Breaking on first at four?

"*?*- the minnesota police officer who fatally shot daunte wright is being charged with second?

"*degree manslaughter.

Kimt news 3's george mallet was in brooklyn center last night and joins us here with the latest developments there.


Officer potter and brooklyn center police chief tim gannon resigned from their jobs on tuesday.

The charges against potter were not a surprise?

"**- the only question last night was what specific charges would she face.

And again?

"*?*- she is charged with second degree manslaughter.

Former brooklyn center police officer kim potter is charged with second degree manslaughter in the death of daunte wright.

(crump new sound today) nats... "the family of daunte wright will get to have their day in court."

The young black man was shot to death after police pulled him over sunday evening.

Police officers tried to arrest wright when they learned of an outstanding warrant.

Nats... taser, taser, taser!

Police say, potter, who had been training a new officer, ?


"( she ha taser, but it was her gun.

(sot: ben crump / civil rights attorney) i cannot even believe that this officer would engage in that use of force.

// they could have given him a ticket.

(sot kate wright / daunte wright's mother) i never imagined this is what was going to happen.

I just thought maybe he was being arrested.

Kate wright ?

*- daunte's mother ?

"* was on the phone with the woman in the car with her son moments after the shooting.

(sot kate wright / daunte wright's mother ) it was on facetime and she was crying and screaming and said they shot him and she pointed the phone toward the driver's seat and my son was laying there unresponsive.

Nats... wright's death has ignited protests and clashes with police in brooklyn center.

Kimt was there last night as the charges against former officer potter follow her resignation?



"* as wel chief of police in brooklyn center.

And having been there last night?




"* i you?




"* the tensi surrounding this police shooting?




"* and brooklyn center is conspicuous and unmistakable.

The bureau of criminal apprehension, the state agency that investigates police killings in minnesota, said that ms. potter had been arrested and taken into custody on this morning.

This evening she has been booked into the hennepin county jail.

The fear and frustration caused by multiple officer?

"* involved shootings in minnesota is impacting law enforcement's hiring and recruitment efforts.

The rochester police department says while interest may be declining ?

"* hiring standards must remain high.

Kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live from the government center with how the department is handling recruitment during this turbulent time.


Katie and amy ?

"* i'm told diverse applicants dropped out of the rochester police department's hiring process as protests across the country demanded justice for george floyd..

And since then it's clear recruitment efforts are only becoming more difficult.

The officer?

"* involved shootig of a black man in minnesota on sunday is the latest in a long history of alleged abuse and racism by law enforcement..

Making applicants more hesitant to apply for a job.

Rpd says at the beginning of april eight new officers were hired..

Among the group two are black and one is female..

But there are still seven open positions that need to be filled.

Captain jeff stilwell tells me despite a drop in applicants..

Due to the negative stigma surrounding the position..

The department will not consider lower its we are committed to only hiring candidates that we believe can make this a better place, can make this community safer, understand the challenges and the values of this police department so we're not willing just to hire people to fill vaccines at this point.

It's such a critical time.

The department says a slight positive is applicants who do come in have a better understanding of what the position entails and how important training is to do the job well.

Live in rochester?

"* jessica bringe thank you jessica.

Rpd also says the weight of the trauma from every officer?

"* involved shooting, even if it's not local, is challenging as officers continue to work to build trust between law enforcement and the community.

Stormteam 3 right now we're sort of locked in a cloudy and cool pattern as we continue on through the workweek.

You can see from our live eye in the sky ?






#- (k) kimt stormteam 3 meteorloigist sara knox joins us now.

Sara what are you tracking?

Live tonight: a sprinkle or flurry lows: low?

"*mid 30s wind: nw 10?

"*15 mph thursday: mostly cloudy highs: upper 40s wind: n/nw 5?

"*15 mph friday: partly sunny highs: middle 50s wind: n 5?

"*15 mph this is the 13th time walz has extended the order since last march.

The star tribune reports this is state's longest state of emergency since in minnesota ?

"* all eyes are n law enforcement.

We're taking you to the courtroom ... as derek show?

"* vins murder trial continues.

We were talking about having an open does that affect your ability to speak?

A forensic pathologist takes the stand.

What they're saying caused we continue on with severe weather awareness week in minnesota and coming up i'll take a closer look at flash flooding and the dangers they pose today's the purrr?


"*fect d give a handsome guy like this a furr?

"* ever home.

A look at