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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Restorative Justice Gathering

Credit: KIMT
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Restorative Justice Gathering
Restorative Justice Gathering

The Rochester Police Department and local black community leaders hold weekly meetings to talk and listen.

They call them restorative justice gatherings.

Soon./// the rochester police department and local black community leaders hold weekly meetings to talk and listen... they call them restorative justice gatherings.

In the wake of the death of daunte wright in brooklyn center ?

"* kimt news 3 was invited to sit in on this week's conversation.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson was there.

She joins us live ?

"* annalise?

Katie ?

"* amy ?

"* i'm here ou of barbershop and social services ?

"* where the conversation happened earlier this afternoon.

As you can see ?

"* there's a large image of george floyd outside... and throughout the barbershop ?

"* are images and names of victims killed by police.

The moderator and people speaking on the panel had an open dialogue about what it's like to be a black person in rochester ?

"* community relations with the police department ?

"* and what r?

"** curren tly doing to re?

"* envision the department.

Nicole andrews was there to speak as a mother... she shared with chief franklin and captain stilwell the conversations she has with her teenage son about police ?

"* ad the fears she has i have to talk him through that so that you're not scared of him.

That's where i'm coming from today.

It's not that i'm not going to be solution focused, solution forward, that i don't see your humanity as individual men, but i see your uniform and your blue lives and that affects me too coming up on kimt news 3 at five ?

"* we'll hear from chief franklin.

Live in rochester?

"* annalise thank you annalise.

If you would like to listen to today's dialogue in full ?

"* we'll have a link on our