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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Goose Mitigation Efforts Continue

Credit: KIMT
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Goose Mitigation Efforts Continue
Goose Mitigation Efforts Continue

Goose addling began this morning in Rochester.

It's all in an effort to manage Rochester's geese population

Dot com./// goose addling began this morning in rochester.

It's all in an effort to manage rochester's geese population... but it's being met with some concerned citizens.

Kimt news 3's samantha soto joins us live at silver lake park ?

"* where some protesters gathered this morning?

"* sam?

Amy and katie ?

"* goose addling is when eggs fewer than 13 days old are taken from their nest, and coated in an oil to prevent them from hatching.

Rochester parks and recreation began the process this morning.

For any of the eggs that have already approached 14 days of incubation ?

"* those eggs will still hatch.

The humane society ?

"*of the u.s confirms that egg addling is the most humane way of mitigating the geese population.

One rochester resident believes the city should be spending its funding on more like picking up the trash.

Maintaining it properly ?

"* ok.

Making sure that there's poop bags for dogs and there's receptacles to put the poop in.

Parks and recreation has rest of the nests and they will be back in just a few weeks to get rid of the eggs that were addled.

Live in thank you samantha.

The funding for the addling process is being paid for by rochester parks and recreation in collaboration with canada goose management.

We will have more on this controversial story ?

"* on daybreak tomorrow morning.