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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Snow Day Waldorf University Students

Credit: KIMT
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Snow Day Waldorf University Students
Snow Day Waldorf University Students

For Waldorf University Students - classes were called off for the day because of snow, even though it wasn't snowing outside.

N 5?

"*15 mph looking outside ?

"* the white stuff called snow.

It's all melted away for the season.

But for waldorf university students ?

"* classes were calld off for the day because of snow.

... even though it wasn't snowing outside.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens is live in forest city to explain.

Alex?xxx katie and amy ?

"* again ?

"* o than a couple of snowflakes that fell during the noon hour today ?

"* there's no snow on te ground anywhere.

But that isn't stopping waldorf from giving students a well deserved day off.

Check out this video ?

"* it was made by members of the university's emergency response group that meets each week to discuss covid issues on campus ?

"* and the university's marketing department.

University president doctor bob alsop says the academic year has gone fairly well?

"* with face o face classes still being held?*- athletics still going on ?

"* ad low covid cases.

With a semester that included no snow days or spring break ?

"* he sas it's been a grind to push to the final day of classes in may ?

"* and this day "we virtually had no snow days, even if the weather has lead to them in the past because we're used to having zoom classes now.

It was a real grind for everyone."

Classes will be back in session tomorrow.

I asked doctor alsop if there's going to be any additional snow days for the remainder of the semester.

He says it's not likely ?

"* as the end is in sight.

Live in forest city?

"*alex thank you alex.

And if you wanted to check out the video in its entirety ?

"* look for


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