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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

oneida county eminent domain

Credit: WKTV
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oneida county eminent domain
oneida county eminent domain
oneida county eminent domain


I'm jason powles.

All but two oneida county legislators voted this afternoon to move forward with eminent domain, to make way for the downtown utica hospital parking garage.

Now, a potentially long and costly legal battle.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris has your top story.

Stand up .

None citation services here on lafayette street in downtown utica is 1 of 4 properties are night a county will now go to court and try to take by compulsion every oneida county legislator except tim julian and jeff daniels voted wednesday afternoon to move forward with eminent domain, to take the last four properties they need in the downtown utica hospital parking garage footprint.

10:58 "we can go into court with the point we made qualified offers to each of the property owners, they rejected them, we have an overall public purpose for building this garage and it's in the court's hands to either transfer title and deal with compensation afterward" no court date yet.

But when there is, oneida county executive, anthony picente, is confident the court will condemn the four properties in question..and the garage project will move forward 11:46 "the fact that all the other properties have been acquired in the footprint with the exception of those four make it highly unlikely that the purpose and the intent of this whole project would be denied' 12:11 "you can't build a garage around them and the other properties have been acquired and they have been demolished, so we're beyond the 11th hour" joe cirini's business, citation services, is one of the four properties the county is seeking to condemn and take by legal compulsion.

19:09 "i'm willing to just go to the end, if i have to start over from scratch, i started my business with a $300 credit card.

I can be a literally a pain in their butt til the end" county executive picente is county executive for all county residents, even the four property owners the county is about to take to court to compel sale of their properties.

He says this is not the ideal, but necessary 13:01 "it's the last resort when it comes to government but the public purpose, you know, this is not just building a swimming pool that you can put anywhere else.

The purpose here is the heahre ofhe community" t otherthree pre enrprise re a car, thislot, ande neighbor wasecently,surgically,, nc2.

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