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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Visiting a nursing home

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Visiting a nursing home
Visiting a nursing home

We’ve finally got a chance to go inside a nursing home to see what it’s like for a visit, but getting to this point was an emotional rollercoaster for residents and staff.

But this is the first time our crew has been allowed inside a nursing home to see the visitations.

Newschannel 2's kirk tupaj tells us what it's like just to visit.

If you're going to visit a loved one in a nursing home, be prepared to follow some rules.

Here at cooperstown center visitors are asked a series of covid related questions.

Nat sot: have you experienced any chills, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, have you ever been tested for covid-19, have you been vaccinated?

If you're not vaccinated you'll have to be tested for covid-19, and you'll also be required to wear an n-95 face mask.

Vera bell came all the way from georgia to see her mom, but sh thks it's all wor it after mont thout a visit.

None , gegia visitorwhat's it ke going witht being ableto seep visitation at nursing homes on march 24th, but visitation isn't the same for all residence.

Sot: lacey rinker, cooperstown center director of nursing if they're not vaccinated we have to socially distance them from their visitors 6 feet.

Cooperstown center resident vera sanzone finds the social distancing a challenge.

Sot: vera sanzone, cooperstown center resident it's so hard to understand with these stupid masks& and al: vera sanzone, resident just you can't hug them or anything now that's the sad part, but pretty soon hopefullthings will be all better.

Vera refuses to get a covid-19 vaccination, but it's a different kind of visit for those who've gotten their shots.

Sot: lacey rinker, director of nursing any resident who is vaccinated and completed the vaccination, that means they haveompletedthes administered, they can have the visitation in their room, and they can choose to have close contact with their loved one.

The 6 feet rule doesn't apply.

Tonight at six we'll explain why it's been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone in the nursing home.

In cooperstown, i'm kirk tupaj reporting for newschannel 2.

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